The Arts Council of Wales has warmly welcomed the publication, earlier today, of the Welsh Government’s guidelines on performing and rehearsing in the arts sector and taking part in the performing arts.

While continuing to be Covid-19 aware, the guidelines allow the sector to take the necessary steps to resuming activity while also protecting against the spread of the diesase.

Commenting this afternoon, Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Wales said:

“The arts sector in Wales will today be encouraged to see the publication of these guidelines by the Welsh Government.  Many in the sector have contributed positively to their development, and we’re  most grateful to them for doing so.

“This is an important document that explains the actions needed to create Covid‑safe places.   It is a first step towards resuming arts activity, but it is crucial that everyone in the arts in Wales sticks to these guidelines.  We all want the public to be able to enjoy and take part in the arts once again, but we must all do what we can to avoid an increase in the Covid-19 ‘R’ rate.  If we do, artists will be able to continue their work and our venues, galleries  and theatres can return to being the lively and exciting places so beloved of communities across Wales.”

The guidelines issued by the Welsh Government can be found here.

END                                                                                                     16 September 2020