Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales are delighted to announce that applications will once again open for the pioneering Lead Creative Schools Scheme, as part of the second phase of Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales.

Since February’s announcement of a further two-year extension to the Creative learning programme, the Creative learning team has supported schools with approaches to online learning in response to Covid-19. A reimagined version of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme enabled over 850 learners, from 34 schools, to participate in a creative learning project during lockdown.

From 23 September, schools will once again be able to apply to participate in the Lead Creative Schools Scheme. Using the transformational creative learning pedagogy, Creative Habits of Mind, the scheme will adopt blended learning models, adapt to the unique needs of each schools’ circumstances, and continue to support whole school change to prepare for Curriculum for Wales 2022.

Since the beginning of the programme in 2015, 658 schools have participated in the Lead Creative Schools Scheme with over 1,700 teachers having experienced the benefit of collaborating with creative professionals to explore creative approaches to teaching and learning. Schools have reported that their learners have nurtured their creativity, increased engagement, and made improvements to attainment across the curriculum.

Kirsty Williams, Minister for Education said:

“I am delighted that this new phase of the innovative Lead Creative Schools scheme is being launched, targeting new schools and building on the successes achieved over the last five years. Through a blended learning approach combining face-to-face and ‘remote’ activities, the scheme will have a positive impact in supporting learners’ creativity skills.”

Diane Hebb, Director (Arts Engagement) Arts Council of Wales said:

“The Lead Creative Schools Scheme has greatly benefitted schools across Wales. Headteachers are telling us how the scheme is helping them to plan and prepare for Curriculum for Wales 2022. This creative approach to learning adapted seamlessly to an online experience that once again succeeded in bringing teachers and creative professionals together to develop and improve the resilience, collaboration and well-being of learners. We look forward to engaging with more schools on this exciting programme.”

As part of this process the Arts Council of Wales will be releasing an open call out to creative professionals that are interested in joining our existing pool of Creative Agents.

Schools interested in applying are invited to sign up for a Lead Creative Schools Scheme briefing session. More details can be found here.

Further details of the Go and See fund and other Professional learning opportunities related to the programme will be released later in the Autumn Term.