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Artist resource16.04.2019

Arts Portfolio Wales handbook: visual or applied arts organisations

Strategic documents01.06.2016

Arts Portfolio Wales Resilience Programme (background info) 2016

Research and evaluations05.02.2019

Arts Portfolio Wales Survey 2016-17 (all the results)

Artist resource17.07.2019

Arts Portfolio Wales Survey data collection template

Research and evaluations04.07.2019

Arts Portfolio Wales Survey highlights 2018-19

Research and evaluations01.08.2017

Assessing the EU's contribution to the arts in Wales since 2007

Artist resource17.10.2019

Assessing the implications of Brexit for the arts

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Audience development completion report help notes

Funding help documents01.02.2018

Audience development strand document

Research and evaluations21.03.2016

Audience Insight Wales, Dance Audiences

Minutes and agendas01.04.2018

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (terms of reference)


Benefits of public investment

Strategic documents01.11.2017

Blue Canary fundraising report

Funding help documents16.04.2019

Brian Ross Memorial Awards 2017-18

Funding help documents16.04.2019

Brian Ross Memorial Awards 2018-19 Guidelines

Research and evaluations01.06.2016

Briefing note: Outcome of the EU referendum