Finding Maindee was a project that looked to regenerate Newport by focusing on the viability and sustainability of the local community. The project's programme of activities looked to bring both cohesion and diverse activities to the Maindee area of Newport. The project sat within the larger programme of activities delivered by Maindee Unlimited. This programme included: providing a locally managed pot for small-scale interventions; a communications project for young people; redevelopment of the local, community-owned library; and the creation of new literal and metaphorical local maps to inform the broader community engagement work.

Lead Organisation: Maindee Unlimited
Who else was involved?Maindee Festival Association, Maindee Action Group, Charter Housing, Maindee Parish Council, South East Wales Regional Equality Council, Cynefin Maindee, Newport Communities First Central Cluster, Newport Live Arts Development, Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations, Community House Eton Road, CREW Centre Regeneration Wales
Location: Maindee, Newport

The project aimed to achieve the following:

•    Improve the sense of identity and of place
•    Increase community spirit
•    Create more attractive streets and public spaces
•    Support micro-retail businesses
•    Support cultural and creative industries
•    Develop more jobs and skills.