STAMP was a project focused on creating a greater sense of place in Caernarfon. The project sought to establish sustainable mechanisms for generating and interpreting the ideas, feelings and insights of the people who use the places around the Caernarfon Waterfront, generating ideas from people about places to underpin future regeneration. 

The project focused on the Caernarfon Waterfront, particularly around the Cei Llechi (Slate Quay), a semi-industrial and derelict site that was once where the slate from the local quarries was loaded on to ships and sent all around the world for roofing. The project sought to establish a creative and innovative approach to regenerating this site which could be led by the community and artists.

The voices and insights of the people who currently inhabit and use the spaces, as well as those who have used them in the past, provided the inspiration for artists and regeneration practitioners alike to produce work that is of its place.

Lead organisation: Gwynedd Council
Who else was involved? Galeri and Cadw
Location: Caernarfon Waterfront, Gwynedd

The project aimed to:

  • Explore less formulaic and more experimental approaches to engagement and regeneration, embedding artistic interventions and processes into the heart of regeneration.
  • Set up a new network — the Caernarfon Arts Regeneration Network (CARN) — to bring together local artists and form a collective entity to help lead the programme and generate ideas.
  • Create spaces and events for dialogue and the exploration and generation of creative ideas connected to waterfront regeneration.
  • Design and implement a temporary space for waterfront users on the Ynys (island) site.
  • Set up a Dialogue Forum aiming to collate the voices of the communities into the development and progress of the project.
  • Commission a series of artistic interventions around the waterfront, including major artists in residencies.