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Strategic documents06.02.2019

Strategic Equality Plan 2017-21

Strategic documents01.09.2009

Strive to excel 2015

Research and evaluations01.02.2016

Supporting Creative Professionals in Wales

Strategic documents06.02.2017

Sustainable Development actiona plan 2016-17

Strategic documents01.10.2016

Sustainable development policy statement

Artist resource14.02.2019

SWOT analysis template

Funding help documents01.09.2015

Taking part completion report help notes

Funding help documents01.02.2018

Taking part for organisations strand document


Team Co-ordinator Job Application Form Part A


Team Co-ordinator Job Application Form Part B


Team Co-ordinator Job Description

Artist resource14.02.2019

Template for quarterly management accounts

Artist resource14.02.2019

Template: completion finance statement

Strategic documents01.09.2018

The all Wales creative conversation

Artist resource16.04.2019

Theatre and Dance Production Development Information Sheet - info sheet

Funding help documents01.09.2015

Training and professional development completion report help notes