In the run up to #WalesInVenice2019, Sahar Martinez, Clara Hartley, Ellie Mountford, Ellie Hacking and Eve Barnes - members of Criw Celf Cardiff - were invited to record footage of Sean Edwards' work in progress.

Criw Celf is series of masterclasses that give an opportunity for those children who have shown talent and/or a special interest in art to develop their skills and experiences.

Artist and education coordinator Thomas Goddard invited the group to produce an interpretative response to this year's Wales in Venice exhibition. He says:

"Together we researched and discussed the work, the biennale and its context. The young people were keen to share behind-the-scenes footage of Sean's work in production, and were inspired to make a piece of art of their own in response. 

Tom guided the process and vision, providing the young people with access to Sean and the Wales in Venice team, and supporting them with production, editing and creative direction.

"The result is a highly energetic, visually tactile and reflective piece of artist's film. It was a real pleasure to work with the group - we had a lot of fun making the film."

Sean Edwards’ exhibition, 'Undo Things Done' marks the ninth Biennale presentation by Wales. A poetic inquiry into place, politics and class, intertwined with personal histories, it's the artist’s first major presentation at an international biennale. Read more about #WalesInVenice2019 here.

I thought the project was an awesome experience- a really nice introduction into various elements of the art world and how it works. Loved experimenting with film too as this is very new to me! Experimenting with different types of lighting and layout was really interesting; it was great to be able to make links between Sean’s work and the artistic decisions we made for the film.

Ellie Mountford, Criw Celf