The perks of having an Arts Council of Wales account

Our jobs and news section is (mostly) made up of user-generated content. That is, what you see on this section of the site are jobs, opportunities and press releases as added by the industry.

If you have a job, opportunity or press release that relates to the creative industries in Wales you can sign up and submit your information right here, right now.

Tell me more about the kinds of things I can submit

Jobs or opportunities

These are jobs or artistic opportunities that relate to the creative industries in Wales. As with everything on our site, these details need to be submitted bilingually – in both English and Welsh. Don’t forget to include your preferred contact details, a deadline, and any other information you think might be useful for a potential applicant.

Press releases

Do you have a bilingual press release about an exciting development within the creative industries in Wales? You can submit your story to us – along with a good quality image – and we’ll review the story before publishing it on the site. If you’re not sure whether your story is suitable for the Arts Council of Wales site, you can contact us at any time.