Virtual conversations: book your place on either of the following sessions;

Wednesday 10 March 2021 

Session 1:  10.00 – 12.00   (capacity 50)

Session 2:   14.00  - 16.00   (capacity 50)


All successful Connect and Flourish projects will be asked to work up a collaboration agreement over the first few months of their project, as part of the requirements for receiving funding. Arts Council of Wales does not see these Collaboration Agreements as a ‘tick box exercise’, but as a flexible process and framework for discussion, that can be tailored to help core partners in the project bring their collaboration to life.

To explore how to get the most from your collaboration agreements, we will be running two 2 hour sessions on the 10 March. Each session will be the same – choose either the morning or afternoon session.

Aim of the Session:

Each session is an opportunity to find out more about:

  • what Arts Council of Wales mean by collaboration
  • what are collaboration agreements, and how, providing a flexible process to work through, you could use them to help bring a collaboration to life
  • practical examples of collaboration agreements in practice

Who are these sessions for?

The sessions will be of interest to those who are thinking of applying for Connect and Flourish  funding, who are in receipt of Connect and Flourish or who are generally interested in working collaboratively within the arts.


Arts Council of Wales will host the meeting, in discussion with Lindsey Colbourne [facilitator and artist who has been working with partnership agreements for 20 years], and Iwan Williams, Ffiwsar who is currently working through a collaboration agreement for a Connect and Flourish funded project, Dyffryn Dyfodol. The style will be informal, encouraging personal reflection, questions and input from participants throughout.

Additional drop-in sessions

The Arts Council of Wales has also arranged drop-in sessions on 2nd and 4th March - click here for further details and times.