Arts Council of Wales is encouraging organizations, who have received National Lottery grants that the Council has distributed, to mark the 25th Anniversary of the National Lottery by taking part in the #ThanksToYou campaign. Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive of Arts Council of Wales, said today:

"We are delighted to mark the 25th anniversary of the National Lottery. It is a historic opportunity to celebrate the great difference that the National Lottery has made to people and communities throughout Wales. Thanks to the people who play the National Lottery, the good work continues and over £30 million goes to good causes across the UK every week. Over the past 25 years, Arts Council of Wales has funded 13,813 projects across Wales and distributed £294 million in grants from the National Lottery.

"Organizations across Wales have been an important part of making a difference to people and places in communities across the country. Now we want them to be part of this celebration through the #ThanksToYou campaign. Anyone visiting a place/project funded by the National Lottery and showing a National Lottery ticket will receive a special offer.

"This year #ThanksToYou will take place from 23 November to 1 December. #ThanksToYou will be a fantastic opportunity to thank the players of the National Lottery for contributing to the arts across Wales.

"It is of course for the individual venues to decide on the what form their special offer will take, but it would be a good idea for organizations to indicate their interest soon by filling in the ’Form to register early at Support will then be available from the project manager, Stacey Reed, who works for the National Lottery Promotions Unit.

"I very much hope that arts organisations all over Wales will join in this year's celebrations. It will be an important opportunity to celebrate the impact of the National Lottery in Wales and thank the people who buy its tickets for making it all possible."


End   Tuesday 5 September 2019