During the next two weeks, they will be sharing the lessons of the past 4 years with teachers from all parts of India as guests of the educational Agastya International Foundation.

During the first week of their stay, Siân James, Creative learning through the arts Programme Manager, Daniel Trivedy, Regional Officer for Creative learning through the arts, and artist, Jên Angharad will work with the Agastya Foundation to tailor the programme to the Indian context. During the second week, Daniel and Jên will train 100 teachers from across India in the key principles of the programme.

Siân James, commenting today, before stepping on an aeroplane to Mumbai, said:

“Since being launched in 2015, the Creative learning through the arts Programme has galvanised schools across Wales through its Lead Creative Schools and All Wales Arts and Education offer to make the arts – in all its breadth – central to the entire school curriculum. It is great that we’re now able to share what we’ve learnt with other countries and even other continents”.

Diane Hebb, Director Arts (Engagement) for the Arts Council of Wales said:

“It is wonderful that this pioneering scheme, which has had such an impact on schools across Wales,  is now attracting international attention, and that we’re being invited to share the programme with other countries. This visit to India is a great opportunity to demonstrate how the arts can be used to teach the whole range of school subjects and make learning exciting and fun for pupils of all school age.”


More information about Arts Council of Wales’ Creative learning  through the arts programme can be found at http://www.arts.wales/arts-in-wales/creative-learning

Further information about the Agastaya Foundation is available at https://www.agastya.org/