Please note: We will be temporarily closing the International Opportunities Fund while we undertake a review of our Lottery funding. The last day we’ll be accepting IOF applications will be Thursday, 1 August 2019 at 5pm.

The International Opportunities Fund supports Wales-based organisations to undertake international visits, aimed at the development of international work and the presentation and delivery of artistic work outside the UK.

The fund is open to application at any time.


•    Firstly, make sure you've read the application guidelines.
•    Get in touch to discuss your project with an officer.
•    Once you've read and agreed to the terms below, click ‘start’ to begin your application.

Your organisation is likely to be eligible if you can answer 'yes' to all of the following statements:

  • We are a professional arts organisation based in Wales.
  • We are a charitable or not-for-profit organisation and have a written constitution that includes provision of artistic activity (or comparable terms).
  • We can provide evidence of our track record of delivering arts activity for audiences or participants. (By this we mean people who attend galleries, theatres and other arts events, and those who join in workshops or other artistic activities.)
  • We have an Equal Opportunities Policy that’s been reviewed by our board or management committee within the last three years. We can provide evidence that we reflect equality and diversity in our artistic programming and our day to day planning and operations.
  • We are not in default on any financial agreement with Arts Council of Wales.
  • Your organisation has a bank account in the organisation’s name with the names of at least two authorised signatories and, if it has been in existence for over two years, holds accounts that cover the previous two financial years.