The International Opportunities Fund supports Wales-based professional arts practitioners to undertake international visits, aimed at the development of international work and the presentation and delivery of artistic work outside the UK.

The fund is open to application at any time.


Please make sure you've read the International Opportunities Fund Guidelines before you complete an application.

  • Firstly, make sure you've read the application guidelines.
  • Once you've read and agreed to the terms below, submit your details in order to discuss your project with a member of the Wales Arts International team.

You are likely to be eligible if you can answer 'yes' to all of the following statements:

  • I live in Wales. (By this we mean resident in Wales with a permanent address.)
  • I am a professional artist or practitioner whose work is mainly based in Wales.
  • I am over 18.
  • I am not in full-time education (either at school, college or university).
  • I can provide evidence of my track record of creating artistic work for presentation to audiences. (By this we mean people who attend galleries, theatres and other arts events.)
  • I have an awareness and understanding of Equal Opportunities. I can provide evidence of how I reflect equality and diversity in my creative work.
  • I am not in default on any financial agreement with Arts Council of Wales.