Over six hundred schools have taken part in the Lead Creative Schools scheme. We work with individual schools to deliver a bespoke programme of learning. These schools gain access to creative professionals, their skills and resources to improve teaching and learning.

In Lead Creative Schools, pupils, teachers and creative professionals work together to implement creative projects. This collaborative process encourages an environment where learners can ask questions, leading to learners being more involved in decision making while bringing the curriculum to life.

Working with Creative Agents, schools can gain access to professionals with the practical experience of creativity that they need. These Creative Agents have backgrounds in a variety of sectors; the arts, creative industries, sciences and heritage to name a few. All our Creative Agents share our aim to sustain new practice in the field of creative learning.

With the guidance and support of their Creative Agents, schools can recruit the appropriate Creative Practitioners to match their needs. These Creative Practitioners develop relationships based on trust and openness with school staff. An important part of their role is the ability to share their personal creative journeys with learners and show pathways into careers in the creative sector.