For the eighth year, the Arts Council of Wales has identified funding to support a strategic initiative aimed at encouraging the creation of new networks, and the strengthening of existing networking opportunities.  

Funding is specifically targeted at initiatives which focus on promoting Equality & Diversity including (but not restricted to):

  • Engaging hard-to-reach audiences
  • Developing diverse audiences for the Arts
  • Increasing participation in the Arts by disengaged communities
  • Developing sustainable funding models to enable this activity.

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more formal than others; some large, others small. Networks may opt to meet on a regular basis, others as and when the members feel it necessary. Networks do not have to depend on face to face meetings – they can be created and run online.

We have funds available for small scale one off projects in 2019/20 and we can provide up to £2,000 per project.

This is not for general lottery funding, so you must contact us for a link to the relevant form, or we will be unable to process your request (see contact details at the end of this note).


We will ask all those who received our support to provide a brief report on the meeting/activity that takes place. This might include:

  • details of the number of people who took part;
  • the types of organisations represented;
  • a description of what took place and an outline of any future plans that might have been discussed either on the day or subsequently. 

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