Artists who work across all visual art mediums, are invited to submit proposals for a new artwork on the theme of Your Voice, an artwork for the people of Wales by the people of Wales.

The work will form part of the programme of events and activities to mark the opening of the sixth Senedd following the Senedd election.


  • We welcome proposals from artists who work across all visual art mediums including digital artworks.
  • The artwork should highlight the importance of people’s voices in shaping the democratic process and represent the people’s hopes and aspirations for the sixth Senedd.
  • The artwork should be the result of a collaboration between the artist/group of artists and communities across Wales.
  • The artwork should be suitable for outdoor display/interaction without invigilation.
  • The artwork will be on tour at various locations across Wales for the duration of the sixth Senedd (2021-26), and will be launched as part of the official opening of the sixth Senedd.

How much is the commission worth?

One artist/one group of artists will be commissioned.

The commissioned artist/s will receive a £5000 fee (to include all taxes, production costs, installation costs, transport to the Senedd, taxes and artist fees).


Closing date for submissions: 13:00 Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

For more information:


Closing date: 03/03/2021