In May 2020, as the country was under lockdown, Welsh filmmaker Robert Howells teamed up with professional actors to raise money for the NHS by creating a short film 100% remotely.

Starring Louisa Sexton, Bill Fellows, Ingrid Evans & Ruchika Jain, Thread is a family drama that takes place entirely on a video call. Each actor recorded their part individually, with Robert and his team then assembling the clips after the fact.

Set during the lockdown, the film centres on an estranged family who are forced to reconnect remotely by a life-changing event. One that has the potential to unspool their dwindling family bond for good.

The group conducted this experiment to raise vital funds for the NHS during the lockdown. If viewers enjoy the film, they are encouraged to share, and consider donating to the NHS here:

“It’s been truly inspiring to see the many ways people across the nation have shown their appreciation for the NHS during the lockdown. This is our small way, and we hope people enjoy it.” Robert said.

To watch the film, click here.