A continuation of learning: Creative learning through the arts 

Last week, we were able to announce our plans for phase two of Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales.

We are now able to release further details as to how we will continue to support schools in realising the continuation of learning and put the arts and creativity at the heart of education. Below is an opportunity to get involved with the programme.


Arts and cultural experiences are inspiring, challenging, engaging and fun, and play an important part in the learning of our young people wherever in Wales they live. We believe that our children and young people should have the chance to be inspired and excited by the best that the arts in Wales has to offer.

Virtual Go and See

As schools work diligently to adapt to new ways of interacting with their learners, we too continue to explore how we can support schools in realising the continuation of learning and put the arts and creativity at the heart of education. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the launch of our virtual Go and See. We want to encourage schools to provide children and young people with opportunities to go ‘one step further’ in their explorations of creative, cultural and arts experiences.

We recognise that many arts and cultural organisations are exploring and finding innovative new ways to provide stimulating engaging experiences online. We are therefore building an exciting virtual collection of enrichment experiences which we will make available to schools and learners, and are inviting you to put forward proposals for any content ideas that you would like to see included in this resource.


  • Examples could include virtual visits to performances and exhibitions or visits to experience arts professionals developing and creating their work.
  •  All work must have been developed/originated in Wales.
  •  Your proposed work must offer learners a new and stimulating experience.
  •  Your work should be targeted at school aged children starting from nursery up until the age of 16, though please also state whether the work you are submitting is suitable for post 16 learners.

Our aim is to provide a vibrant and exciting package of creative, engaging and arts-focused online experiences to support teachers and learners in both school and home settings. This will be something special – a chance for young people across Wales to continue to 'Go and See' unique high-quality arts and cultural experiences. So, if you can provide high-quality creative content which meets our criteria, we would be delighted to hear from you.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Submit your proposals for consideration to creative.learning@arts.wales using the subject line ‘Online Go and See submission’ before 7 May.  

Proposals should include:

  • Creator (i.e. organisation/artist)
  • Title of activity
  • Brief description
  • Duration (i.e. 50min performance)
  • Targeted age group (please state whether suitable for all ages)
  • Availability (please note if the activity needs to be booked, the dates it is available, etc.)
  • Links to the content
  • If available, please attach an accompanying image for promotional purposes and any social media handles as applicable


Frequently Asked Questions

1.         Does the content already need to exist or can we submit a proposal and make the content if we are successful?

Yes the content needs to already exist, but there is nothing to stop you sending in an idea you are currently developing and sharing a link to the completed content at a later date.

2.         Is there any funding available for successful proposals to make content?  

We are not seeking to commission any new content.

3.         Will all the go and see content be available to schools for free?

Yes, we are collating and curating the best of what is available in different artforms and subject area.