Following the successful launch of a new Charitable Trust Peer Network for the Arts in December, the network is now inviting all Welsh charities and social enterprises interested in collaborative working to join their upcoming peer to peer sessions. This network is kindly funded through Arts Council of Wales’ Sharing Together programme.

The purpose of the network is to be an organised, though informal, network that shares best practice, works collaboratively, supports one another, and engages partners to raise awareness of the wider benefits of artistic and cultural activity. The network is a diverse group of charitable arts organisations, covering a wide range of arts forms across Wales, including theatre, cinema, visual art, festivals, music, dance, creative workshops, and community arts.

If you would like to join a network of like-minded charitable arts organisations, please feel free to attend one or all of our upcoming virtual networking sessions. For more information or to register, please contact Jennifer Huygen at Community Leisure UK here, citing Charitable Trusts Peer Network for the Arts.

Upcoming meetings schedule:

Thursday February 25


Increasing Arts Participation

·         Work under Covid19 – ways of keeping audiences and communities engaged: what worked and what did not work?

·         Experience of current funding programmes and what works / doesn’t work

Thursday March 4


Effective Remote Working

·         Mental health of staff and volunteers

·         Best practice of remote stakeholder and staff engagement

Thursday March 11


Strengthening business models

·         Scenario planning – what to expect in the next 6-9 months, how to plan relevant events and activities, sharing of strategic aims and objectives

·         Inclusion of staff and volunteers in business planning

Thursday March 18


CTPNA in Action

·         Different CTPNA colleagues present their work in more detail (i.e. sharing of best practice and/or previous challenges) based on discussions in the first two sessions;

·         Joined by guest speakers to show examples of topics discussed in first three sessions