Freelancers are vital to the creative industries. Every year we work with 300 freelance theatre workers - from our rock and roll pantomime’s musical director to every actor who appears on our stages. When theatres closed, the income of these freelancers disappeared. Busy diaries were suddenly empty.

We created 50 micro-bursaries for theatre freelancers around Wales and the UK who need extra support during this time. We were inundated with applications and heartbroken at the huge number of talented people considering leaving the profession because they didn’t have hope for the future.

The micro-bursaries are £560 each but for successful applicants they’re worth even more - they include access to our resources, skills and experience - whether that’s space in a rehearsal room, time developing ideas with our Artistic Director, or even help getting their next show ready to tour.

We need your support to help freelancers do what they do best - make the theatre you love and adore.
Are you able to help give more people hope and support during this difficult period?