In March 2020 Pavilion Dance South West is working with Dance House to host a Surf The Wave Sharing and Networking event. This event is for programmers and artists to continue collaborative conversations and network with colleagues. It will also be an opportunity to hear from some of the artists and programmers who have been delivering Surf The Wave supported projects. They will share the learning they have gained through testing new ways of working together.

This full-day event will include:

  • Sharing workshops
  • Networking
  • Provocations and calls to action

Lunch will be provided.


Who is this event for?

  • Programmers who work in any context including small and mid-scale venues, rural-touring, museums, galleries, festivals and outdoors, whether new to dance programming or very experienced.
  • Dance artists and companies who have professionally toured at least twice.
Closing date: 12/03/2020