In response to the lockdown triggered by COVID-19, many arts organisations have taken their work online, sharing content for audiences to view for free. However, creating participatory engagement online is much more challenging and, as a sector  used to being face to face with people in their practice, it’s clear that the current restrictions change the nature of our work substantially.

Following a vital conversation on social media led by Guy O’Donnell, Learning and Participation Producer, National Dance Company Wales which opened a discussion on how we can deliver participatory arts effectively, a range of partners are collaborating to lead Zoom discussions for the sector where we can talk about the impact of the lockdown on our work and  work creatively together to think beyond the lockdown.

Capturing the Learning

These Zoom meetings will explore how we capture the learning from organisations and artists who are currently delivering projects. We’ll explore what methods are working well, what are we learning through this experience, and how we are adapting  our working practices.

2pm - 4pm Thursday 28th May - Age Cymru / Work with Older People

3pm - 5pm Wednesday 3rd June - NDC Wales / Community Dance

9.30am - 11am Monday 8th June - Voluntary Arts Wales / Community Arts

5pm - 6pm Tuesday 9th June - Youth Arts Network Cymru / Youth Arts

2pm - 3.30pm Thursday 11th June - Tanio / Community Arts

Thinking Beyond the Lockdown

These Zoom meetings will explore how we think beyond the lockdown. We’ll explore what the future might hold, what we might keep from our online experiences, and how we live with an uncertain future.

3pm - 5pm Wednesday 10th June - NDC Wales / Community Dance

Please register to join the meetings via the eventbrite links. Zoom logins will be sent to you once you have registered. Artworks Cymru is working with all partners to notate discussions.

The following partners have collaborated together to bring you this series of Zoom meetings:

ArtWorks Cymru, Gwanwyn, National Dance Company Wales, Tanio, Voluntary Arts Wales, Wales Wide Training Programme, Youth Arts Network Cymru

We hope you can join us as we start to navigate this tricky journey and find our way to calmer waters. If you would like to host a discussion yourself, please contact

Keep an eye on our event page. There will be more meetings to come!