A continuation of learning: Creative learning through the arts 

Last week, we were able to announce our plans for phase two of Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales.

We are now able to release further details as to how we will continue to support schools in realising the continuation of learning and put the arts and creativity at the heart of education. Below is an opportunity to get involved with the programme.



As we are all adapting to new ways of working together, we too are exploring how we can support schools in realising the continuation of learning by putting the arts and creativity at the heart of education. The Arts Council of Wales, in partnership with the Welsh Government are thrilled to announce a bespoke online Lead Creative Schools intervention.

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme provides the opportunity to explore creative approaches to teaching and learning with the support of creative professionals.

Each project is unique and designed to help address specific challenges schools and learners may be facing and that have usually been identified in the school’s development plan. In addition, it aims to nurture the creativity of learners and raise attainment aligned to the Welsh Government priorities of Literacy, Numeracy and reducing the impact of deprivation. The scheme has also supported schools in preparing for the new curriculum. One of the key findings from the evaluation of the scheme is how the creative approach to learning engages all learners across a range of subjects and areas of learning, raises confidence and improves attainment.

An online Lead Creative Schools Scheme

You will be familiar with the scheme and how it provides new opportunities to explore creative approaches to teaching and learning, supporting schools in preparation for the new curriculum. We are now inviting expressions of interest from Creative Professionals to help us deliver an online version of the Lead Creative School scheme. Nurturing and developing the creativity of learners and teachers remains at the heart of the scheme, but we are also offering this as an opportunity for schools to address particular issues and challenges they and their learners are experiencing at this time.

Eligibility criteria

  • Any Creative Professionals that have previously worked on the Lead Creative Schools Scheme are eligible to apply. This includes Creative Agents and Creative Practitioners.
  • You must have been trained in the Lead Creative Schools Scheme pedagogy.
  • You must be able to provide evidence of having worked with at least 2 Lead Creative schools.

What will you be required to do

  • Work with a designated teacher to plan and deliver a short creative learning project.
  • Support the school in reflecting on what has been achieved by taking part.
  • Identify communication channels between the teacher, creative professional and pupils.

We anticipate that the project will be delivered via 3 to 4 online sessions over a period of three weeks. The project will need to take account of how pupils can continue to develop and share their work and learning between sessions.


A flat fee of £250 per day for up to 4 days will be paid to each Creative Professional to implement these requirements.

How to apply

Creative Professionals will need to submit an expression of interest under the following headings:

  • Name of the Creative Professional
  • Your base address and contact details
  • How do you plan to deliver an online Lead Creative Schools project with a school?
  • How do you plan to deliver creative learning approaches?
  • Please note the number of schools you have worked with in the past as part of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme and provide the names of these schools. What was your role?
  • What art forms are you interested in working in?

Closing date

Please send your expression of interest to creative.learning@arts.wales by 5pm Friday 1 May, 2020 using the subject line ‘Creative Professionals submission’.

The number of offers for Creative Professionals is entirely dependant on the number of schools applying. Therefore, we cannot guarantee work in this instance. We will be matching schools and Creative Professional in a fair process using our knowledge of the education sector and of the programme itself.


Proposed timeline

  • Launch: 28 April
  • Deadline: 5pm Friday 1 May
  • Successful applicant notified: Week commencing 18 May 2020
  • Project delivery: between Monday 8 June – Friday 3 July (During this period, schools and Creative Professionals will hold 3 to 4 sessions: 1 session per week. We ask that these sessions take place consecutively.)