Learnaboutfilm has just published Start Making Movies, an ebook guide for anyone who wants to make short films or use video in their work. The PDF ebook (163 pages) uses clear, accessible language and over 450 illustrations to explain the essentials of filmmaking. 

Contents include

  • The filmmaking process
  • What you need: cameras, phones, editing programs and other equipment
  • The basics of film storytelling
  • The picture: shot size, composing shots, lens, focus, light, colour, movement
  • Filming a shot: camera settings, what to check, filming as a team
  • Sound: types of film sound, recording live sound, combining sound and image, copyright
  • Sequence: the basics of using shots together, getting the shots you need, the continuity system, montage
  • Time: different ways of showing time in film, parallel editing, time shifts, time effects
  • Six key sequences: piece to camera, interview, demonstration, dialogue scene, journey, performance or event
  • Editing and sharing: editing workflow, transitions, effects and titles, planning the soundtrack and editing audio, completing your movie
  • Ideas for fiction movies, downloadable planning templates, glossary, index

Author Tom Barrance has over 25 years’ experience of providing filmmaking projects, workshops and training around Wales, in the other UK nations and beyond. He runs the filmmaking site learnaboutfilm.com

Start Making Movies is available to buy by download.