We 're looking to build a comprehensive picture of Welsh language arts activity happening across Wales.

An Invitation to Quote for the provision of Welsh language arts activity mapping and recommendations contract on behalf of the Arts Council of Wales

Why are we looking to do this?

Periodically we will conduct an Investment Review. This is the mechanism by which we will decide on the membership of our Arts Portfolio Wales. The last review was conducted in 2015.  As we move into our Investment Review in 2020, we want to be clearer about our expectations on our Arts Portfolio Wales (and others) and what can be achieved with our resources.

We want to play an active role in supporting the Welsh Government to meet its Cymraeg 2050 agenda, but to do this, we need a clearer idea of what our contribution could be and where we fit best in the current Welsh language ecology of Wales.

Task objectives

The specific objectives of the Welsh Language Arts Activity Mapping are:

  • To provide a comprehensive picture of Welsh language arts activity happening across Wales, with a particular focus on activity that is not funded by the Arts Council of Wales. This should include reference to the language development sector in Wales.
  • To develop a list of potential partners and connectors / influencers for our work (this to include those outside of our usual sphere of influence)
  • To develop a list of recommendations / opportunities associated with our current work and the findings of the research
  • To support us in developing our vision for the Welsh language that flows from this work
  • To develop an action plan that will support us to achieve this

The ability to work in both Welsh and English is essential for this role.

Read the full details in the documents below.