Cylch Sir ("Shire Circle") is an artist-led project that will investigate how performing arts professionals and non-professionals are feeling, how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected you, professionally and personally, what your needs are and how we can collectively address those needs. Cylch Sir proposes to create a new network in Carmarthenshire and beyond for professionals and non-professionals of all ages, providing a centralised hub of information and support for those involved in the performing arts. 

The project consists of 4 sessions (one per month) to discuss resources, creative work, share skills and personal experiences from this year’s pandemic. The sessions will include a practice-based element, “artistic speed dating” and a mapping exercise to reflect artists locations. The discussions will be held using an Open Forum structure with creative exercises to introduce people, facilitate conversation and gather information.

If you’re a dancer, actor, physical performer, Morris dancer, community practitioner, live artist, circus performer or just want to see what’s it all about, please book your free ticket here.

1st session

Saturday 6th March

3pm - 4pm 

Eddie Ladd (movement session)

Eddie Ladd about her session:

"Every now and again I do HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) and Tabata is one form of training in this way. In it, you do an exercise for twenty seconds and rest for ten before starting again. In our class, I’d like to follow this pattern to make a series of improvised dances. We’ll also be making pieces about the homes in which we live and work during these strange times."

About - Eddie Ladd

Eddie Ladd has spent at least thirty golden years in showbusiness.

She started making her own work in about 1989. Some have been staged in theatres (though sometimes on turf, a running machine and in flour) and have toured all over Europe. Others have been site-specific, in terrace houses, farmyards and fields. She has used new technologies from the very beginning and received a NESTA fellowship in 2002 to develop this element in her work. 

4pm - 5pm - Discussion

facilitated by Tiago Gambogi & Maggi Swallow

About us:

Tiago Gambogi (UK / Brazil) is an award-winning Brazilian / British performer, dancer, actor, choreographer and director who has been working in contemporary dance, theatre, site-specific environmental performance, clowning, artivism and pole dance internationally for more than 20 years . Co-directs the dance-theatre group f.a.b. - Detonators and worked with several artists, including Nigel Charnock, Earthfall, Ben Duke, Angela de Castro, Grupo Oficcina Multimédia and The Institute for Crazy Dancing. He created 25 works, 11 films, directed 10 shows, performed in 15 countries and is a workshop facilitator. /

Maggi Swallow is co-artistic director of dance theatre company f.a.b. – The Detonators and resident choreographer and artistic director of They Don’t Care, the in-house dance troupe for art house cabaret Screaming Alley. 

Graduating from art school in the 1980s she has been performing and devising for over 20 years – in the UK, San Francisco, Brasil, France and Czech Republic. She blends an eclectic mix of dance, theatre, text and song – with influences as broad as silent film, vaudeville, 1960s folk music, Czech animation, Russian dance and Chinese metal to produce vital and raucous work, with an occasional dash of the comic. 

She is currently developing a contemporary version of Morris Dance; mixing the traditional form with contemporary dance, poetry and text to augment the form and create contemporary rituals.