In partnership with Mitchell Meredith, A&B Cymru is delighted to offer a series of three bite-size lunchtime sessions on Facing Financial Challenges and Planning for the Future. This timely training aims to help arts organisations as they face unprecedented financial pressures, with many having to revise their strategic plans. The sessions will be practical and tailored, helping participants to adapt their plans and confidently move forward into 2021. Delegates are advised to attend all three sessions

Session 1:
Tuesday 8 December 12pm-1pm:

Facing Financial Change and Challenges

Session 1 will explore the key financial challenges organisations are currently facing. Ian will offer advice and seek questions from attendees to inform the content of Session 2.

Session 2:
Wednesday 9 December 12pm-1pm :
Maximise Income, Minimise Costs.

Addressing the specific issues raised in Session 1, Ian will offer guidance on financial assistance available and how to access it.  He will also provide advice on maximising income while minimising expenditure.

Session 3: 
Thursday 10 December 12pm-1pm:
Planning for the Future

This third session will address planning for the future, clarifying your vision, identifying opportunities and threats, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and making the most of useful tips.
Course Leader:  Ian Mitchell, Mitchell Meredith




£50 + VAT for all 3 sessions

£100 + VAT for all 3 sessions

To book your place on these three sessions, follow the link below. 

Closing date: 08/12/2020