A continuation of learning: Creative learning through the arts 

Last week, we were able to announce our plans for phase two of Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales.

We are now able to release further details as to how we will continue to support schools in realising the continuation of learning and put the arts and creativity at the heart of education. Below is an opportunity to get involved with the programme.



In recent weeks we have been developing imaginative ways to take our groundbreaking Creative learning programme online. We want to offer teachers, parents and learners a series of exciting and interactive Expressive Arts masterclasses, all delivered online of course. If you are a creative professional with a fresh or innovative approach to their practice and are willing to share, please read on.

What we are looking for

We want to commission freelance creative practitioners from the Expressive Arts disciplines who can support us in delivering a range of online activity suitable for young people. In addition to creating resources suitable for primary and secondary learners, we are also looking to support post 16 students in their transition to further and higher education.

We would welcome content from diverse artists who can reach a wide variety of audiences including Welsh language speakers, Black and minority ethnic groups, and those with special educational needs.

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • plan and deliver a live online masterclass up to 45 minutes long
  • respond to questions from viewers watching the masterclass
  • provide a title, still image and brief description of the masterclass
  • prepare a list of online resources that support the masterclass
  • prepare a list of online resources that could support further study

The masterclass should:

  • provide young people with practical techniques and processes
  • encourage viewers to pose questions during the session, possibly via a chat box
  • make use of online tools and everyday objects
  • use spaces available in and around the home
  • be mindful of current limitations of studying from home
  • use age appropriate language

A fee of £250 will be paid for each masterclass which will cover:

  • planning and preparation time
  • delivery of the online masterclass
  • preparation of a list of materials needed to complete the masterclass
  • preparation of a list of online resources that could support further study

Applicants should:

  • be a creative professional
  • work in one of our supported disciplines (music, dance, theatre, literature, visual and applied arts, combined/multidisciplinary arts, digital arts)
  • have a track record of working in the publicly funded culture, heritage or education sector
  • live in or work in Wales
  • have a UK bank account registered in their legal name

How to apply

Submit a 3-minute film or a written proposal explaining how you will approach the task. Your response should include:

  • introduction and description of your practice
  • details of the masterclass you intend to deliver
  • details of how you will deliver a ‘live’ masterclass and allow the viewers to pose questions
  • the intended age range for your masterclass
  • how your masterclass is unique and may differ from other online content

Candidates must ensure their masterclass contains original content and does not plagiarise or duplicate existing online content.

Candidates will also be required to send a CV in support of their proposal to the Arts Council of Wales.

Proposals and CVs should be submitted to creative.learning@arts.wales by 7 May using the subject line ‘Expressive Arts masterclasses’. Large file sizes should be submitted using WeTransfer to creative.learning@arts.wales

Successful applicants will be notified by 14 May. Due to the anticipated interest in this opportunity we will be unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Questions and Answers

How many masterclasses will be commissioned?

We anticipate commissioning 20 masterclasses

Can I apply to make more than one masterclass?

We would anticipate commissioning no more than 2 masterclasses from any one individual or organisation

What should I consider when submitting a film proposal?

  • Ensure your background is not distracting
  • Shoot in landscape rather than portrait mode
  • Eliminate unnecessary background noise

Is the call out open to arts, heritage and cultural organisations?


Can I apply if I have a ‘live’ grant from the Arts Council?


If I apply to make 2 masterclasses, should I submit two separate proposals?

You should provide one film up to 6 minutes long or a written proposal clearly outlining each masterclass

How will I be paid?

You will be expected to submit an invoice on completion of the work. Invoices will be paid within 30 days of submission.

Will I be able to claim for materials used during the making of the masterclass?


Do I need to have a current DBS certificate or undergone recent safeguarding training?

Yes, we will need to see a DBS that is no more than 12 months old. We would also like to know if you have completed any safeguarding training in the last 2 years.