UNESCO’s 2020 consultation on the ‘Futures of Education’ involved us organising regional focus groups and collaborating with other education leaders in a HundrED global discussion on ‘embracing the learning that happens everywhere’.

These discussions about the future of education became a catalyst for the creation of this network as we wanted to broaden the audience and consider the vital role of creativity, arts and culture in the future vision of education.

In this session, we will explore Creative Leadership.

Why we need Creative Leaders, What does Creative Leadership look like and How can it be encouraged.

We will be joined by Tegwen Ellis from the National Academy for Educational Leadership in Wales. 

Also, Nia Richards (Tybed) will draw on her experience to discuss how leaders can develop a school culture which nurtures all forms of creativity. 


These events create a space for educators, artists, stakeholders and advocates to collaborate, discuss and imagine the future in order to inspire the present.

Nia Richards, Tybed

Dr Penny Hay, House of Imagination