The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre is excited to launch a new programme of activities for parents, grandparents, guardians and carers that are perfect to bring a baby or toddler along to.

Beginning in early February will be baby friendly cinema screenings For Crying Out Loud. These screenings will take place on a Monday morning at 11am and will be of a newly released film title certificate U, PG or 12A. These screenings are purely for parents and guardians to enjoy with their baby or toddler and so audiences are advised not to worry about crying, fidgeting or disturbing other guests as everyone will be in the same boat.

In order to make these screenings as baby friendly as possible The Riverfront will be adapting the conditions in the cinema; there will be a soft level of lighting, the volume will be lower and there will be soft matting in front of the screen for any toddlers who may not be comfortable remaining seated.

For Crying Out Loud will launch on Monday 10 February with a screening of Little Women.

In addition to baby friendly cinema screenings, Aftermirth, The Riverfront’s month adult comedy club that you can bring your baby continues. Aftermirth in a stand-up comedy show that helps the magical and maddening journey of parenthood through a daytime comedy show featuring up to three top circuit comedians.

Aftermirth is a traditional comedy club that will feature the same mature and sweary content you would expect in any comedy show, the big difference being the club takes place during the daytime and babies are welcome to attend. Due to the content of the stand-up sets, there is an age cap of 18 months for youngsters as some content won’t be appropriate for older toddlers.

Aftermirth returns on Tuesday 18th February, 11am – 1.30pm and continues monthly on the third Tuesday of the month.

Tickets for For Crying Out Loud and Aftermirth are available now from, or by calling 01633 656757.