MaDCaff is a Disability Arts Cymru project that organises pop-up cafe, open mic events, to provide opportunities for people affected by mental illness to showcase their musical talents and support others to do the same. This is all done in an accessible venue with a relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere - and cake. We are working hard at busting the stigma around mental illness by showing an alternative model, it’s all about the talent and creativity that is often overlooked in people who have become mentally unwell, even if that’s all in the past, the stigma lingers. We have had some absolutely stunning performances over the last 6 years and are ready for many more as MaDCaff goes national, launching 7 more MaDCaff groups across Wales.

If you are interested in finding out more about MaDCaff, as a volunteer, a performer, a potential venue, please contact your Disability Arts Cymru Regional Officer.

North East: Lowri-Mair Owen
North West: Alan Whitfield
South: Sara Beer
West: Rachel Stelmach

Twitter: @themadcaf

Closing date: 28/02/2020