Please note: Our Small and Large Grant programmes are now closed while we undertake a review of our Lottery funding. We'll start rolling out our new programmes of funding in the Autumn.  You can find out more about our review here.

If you have a current live grant, you can still use the Help section of each grant page to download useful documents (such as completion reports).

We want to foster a supportive environment in which creative professionals can make the best work possible. We want our arts organisations to take the lead in providing opportunities for the development of creative, technical and business skills, through training and other forms of professional development.

We want to help build new and more resilient business models for arts organisations, companies, venues and galleries – and we expect the organisations we fund to demonstrate effective leadership and governance. We want to support training and professional development opportunities that develop the skills and knowledge of your workforce and contribute to your organisation’s development. We believe this investment in people will help shape the future of our key arts organisations, making them more resilient and robust.

We want to support projects that enable creative professionals to develop creative and technical skills in order to raise the quality of their artistic work. We also want to support projects that invest in your organisation’s staff or board members in order to improve your governance, enterprise, financial management and business sustainability.

Projects can include attending an industry recognised training course, attending a master-class, participating in an action learning set, or taking up coaching, mentoring or apprenticeship opportunities.