The majority of our capital budget has now been allocated and we are no longer able to accept applications for funding towards new major capital projects. Our capital programme for major projects (including public art initiatives) is therefore now closed. We will not be registering any new projects for the foreseeable future.

There is a small sum of funding available for some strategic initiatives - if you have a small capital project that relates to improving access, a sustainable energy initiative, or a project that you have been developing as part of our resilience programme, please fill out your details below for further guidance.


To apply for Capital funding you'll need to check if you're eligible first.

Once you’re happy that you’re eligible, fill out the contact form and a staff member will be in touch.

Only organisations can apply for Capital Lottery funding. Before developing your application, you must check that your organisation is eligible to apply.

To be able to apply, your organisation, and the project you are applying for, must be based in Wales.

You must have:

- A written governing document such as a constitution, trust deed, or articles of association (unless you are a statutory body such as a town council, local authority, health body or university). Your governing document must:

  • show that the provision of arts activity is one of your objectives, and
  • have an appropriate dissolution clause which sets out what would happen to your organisation’s remaining assets (after paying all debts and liabilities), should it cease to exist
  • A track record of delivering arts activity for audiences or participants
  • An Equal Opportunities Policy that’s been reviewed by your governing body within the last three years, and which complies with current legislation. This policy must demonstrate that equality and diversity are reflected in your artistic programming
  • and in your day to day planning and operations.
  • A bank account in your organisation’s name that requires at least two people to authorise transactions (These are usually referred to as the account’s signatories). By transactions we mean any withdrawals, transfers or payments made from the organisation’s account.
  • A Safeguarding / Child Protection Policy that’s also been reviewed by your governing body within the last three years, and which complies with current legislation. This policy must demonstrate that safeguarding issues are reflected in your day to day planning and operations.

You won’t be able to apply for funding if you’re in default of any financial agreement with the Arts Council of Wales. There are many different organisations in Wales that are eligible to apply for Capital Lottery funding. We don’t have the resources to fund all of them, so we have decided to prioritise members of Arts Portfolio Wales. By focusing our Capital Lottery funding on supporting members of Arts Portfolio Wales we’re making sure that there’s a joined-up approach to arts development and growth for the key arts organisations in Wales. In exceptional circumstances we may consider funding an organisation outside of Arts Portfolio Wales that has a strategic role to play in addressing our priorities, or that we consider to be of major local, strategic importance. If you think your organisation meets this description you must discuss this with us before planning a Capital Lottery application.

Fill out your project details, and a member of the team will be in touch