Please note: Our Small and Large Grant programmes are now closed while we undertake a review of our Lottery funding. We'll start rolling out our new programmes of funding in the Autumn.  You can find out more about our review here.

If you have a current live grant, you can still use the Help section of each grant page to download useful documents (such as completion reports).

We know that we’re all operating in a tough financial world. So we want to help build new and more resilient business models for arts organisations, companies and venues or galleries, as well as help improve organisational effectiveness where appropriate. We want to see you diversify your work and business practices in order to make it easier for you to survive in today’s challenging economic climate.

We’re also interested in projects that carry out market research in order to grow markets, and that attract others to invest in your business. This investment doesn’t need to be financial, but can be about knowledge, sharing best practice, advocacy and support.

We want to invest in people too, by supporting projects that empower and equip your staff or board members to develop your organisation’s capability. This might, for example, mean better fundraising, or enabling you to pursue new ideas that may enhance the strength of your business model.

We also want to support projects that strengthen your organisation by developing board and staff structures, and reviewing or developing business plans, financial systems or marketing strategies.

Finally, we know that arts organisations have to be financially secure in order to survive, but the social and environmental impact of your work is also important. We are interested in projects that consider the principles of sustainable development, economically and environmentally.