Festivals play a vital role in the cultural make-up of Wales. They have an ability to reach people that might not otherwise visit traditional arts venues, and are a platform for demonstrating the richness of culture in Wales.

The best festivals can offer something out of the ordinary. We want to support focused, time-limited festivals with vibrant, high quality arts programmes of events and activities which are a celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of Wales. They must have a clear artistic focus and a commitment to creating a programme of quality work.

The kinds of things we can fund

The kinds of applications we can fund are covered in detail in the Festivals for Organisations Strand Document (you can find that below in the help section).

The kinds of things we can't fund

  • programmes of activity that could take place in a theatre or gallery
  • an event where the arts are a minor part of a different type of festival event
  • year-round programmes of work

Take a look through the introductory document for this strand. You can also read our getting started guide for a broad overview of how we award our grants.


To apply for Festivals funding you'll need to check if you're eligible first.

Once you’re happy that you’re eligible, fill out the contact form and a staff member will be in touch.

To apply for funding your organisation needs to:

  • be based in Wales, another part of the United Kingdom, or in the EU;
  • be either,

- a company limited by guarantee or a community interest company (CIC),
- a company that shares out profits to its members or shareholders (e.g. a company limited by shares or a Limited Liability Partnership),
- a constituted, not-for-profit community group,
- an education body (e.g. college or university - but not a school),
- a registered charity or charitable incorporated organisation (CIO),
- or a local Authority;

  • have a governing document that shows that the provision of arts activity is one of your objectives (unless you’re a statutory body such as a town council, local authority, health body or university);
  • have a governing document that that has an appropriate dissolution clause which sets out what would happen to your organisation’s remaining assets (after paying all debts and liabilities) should it cease to exist (unless you’re a statutory body such as a town council, local authority, health body or university);
  • be able to show us, through the information you put in your application form and supporting documents, that you have a track record of delivering arts activities to audiences or participants;
  • have an up to date Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • not be in default on any financial agreement with us (Arts Council of Wales);
  • provide evidence from your bank that you have an account in your organisation’s name, and have at two people who can authorise transactions. More information on bank account evidence here.
Fill out your project details, and a member of the team will be in touch