Criw Celf provides children and young people with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills, working outside of a school setting alongside professional artists in a variety of different gallery and site-specific settings. In the same way that an orchestra or choir provides an opportunity for young musicians to join together to perform, Criw Celf offers an opportunity for aspiring young visual artists and designers to spend time with their peers and with professionals working in the sector to develop their talent.  
Criw Celf focuses on young people who have been identified with school teachers as having a particular potential or talent in the visual and applied arts. The programme introduces them to a rich and varied menu of artistic genres (e.g. painting, sculpture, ceramics, glasswork, 3D work, printing, film/video, photography and jewellery-making) and opens their eyes to the breadth of career possibilities that Art & Design can lead to. It includes occasional trips to galleries and special events. Each young person is given an art pack containing a range of quality art materials which they can use at home in between sessions. There are also opportunities for the young people’s creative work to be exhibited in professional settings. 

Only organisations based in Wales are eligible to apply for Criw Celf funding - please note that individual creative professionals can't apply.


Find out more about what we’re looking for in a Criw Celf application, including projects we’re particularly keen to support and what funding is available, by reading our Criw Celf Strand Document.


You should discuss your proposal with us before you apply. Read over the criteria for applying below, and once you're happy that you can apply for the funding you'll be directed to a contact form.

To apply for funding your organisation needs to:

  • be based in Wales, another part of the United Kingdom, or in the EU;
  • be either,

- a company limited by guarantee or a community interest company (CIC),
- a company that shares out profits to its members or shareholders (e.g. a company limited by shares or a Limited Liability Partnership),
- a constituted, not-for-profit community group,
- an education body (e.g. college or university - but not a school),
- a registered charity or charitable incorporated organisation (CIO),
- or a local Authority;

  • have a governing document that shows that the provision of arts activity is one of your objectives (unless you’re a statutory body such as a town council, local authority, health body or university);
  • have a governing document that that has an appropriate dissolution clause which sets out what would happen to your organisation’s remaining assets (after paying all debts and liabilities) should it cease to exist (unless you’re a statutory body such as a town council, local authority, health body or university);
  • be able to show us, through the information you put in your application form and supporting documents, that you have a track record of delivering arts activities to audiences or participants;
  • have an up to date Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • not be in default on any financial agreement with us (Arts Council of Wales);
  • provide evidence from your bank that you have an account in your organisation’s name, and have at two people who can authorise transactions. More information on bank account evidence here.
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