Please note: Our Small and Large Grant programmes are now closed while we undertake a review of our Lottery funding. We'll start rolling out our new programmes of funding in the Autumn.  You can find out more about our review here.

If you have a current live grant, you can still use the Help section of each grant page to download useful documents (such as completion reports).

We want to fund the production of work that is innovative and compelling. We’re particularly interested in the new and contemporary, in work that seeks out and engages wider audiences. We also want to invest in the formation of high-calibre creative professionals, so this funding is also about supporting you to make the best art you can.

Wales’ standing as an artistic nation will be defined by the quality of the work and the artists we support through this strand. It is vital support as it enables venues and galleries to programme a diverse range of exemplary work that originates from Wales.

We want audiences across Wales to be able to access the very best arts activity, so the work we support must be suitable for presentation in Wales’ arts centres, galleries, theatres and concert halls, either as part of a tour or at a single venue or gallery. We can also support site-specific and outdoor work.

We want to support productions in any artform (as well as in cross-artform work such as circus) that demonstrate they will be of high quality and have a clear, artistic vision.

The kinds of things we can fund

The kinds of applications we can fund are covered in detail in the Production Strand Document (you can find that below in the help section).

The kinds of things we can't fund

  • Projects that have not sufficiently considered the audiences they are trying to reach, or any barriers that might prevent them engaging
  • Projects that have not demonstrated a commitment to deliver high quality work