Our Investment Review is the process that we use to select the group of organisations that will make up our future Arts Portfolio Wales. Given the importance of this process we’re committed to making sure that the way we take this forward is clear, simple and designed to get the best outcome for the arts in Wales.

This is the Arts Council’s Investment Review 2020, and follows similar reviews in 2010 and 2015. This first consultation phase continues until 10 January 2020.

The focus of our Investment Review this time is clear and straightforward. We want more people in Wales to enjoy and take part in the arts. And we want the activity that we fund to reach more widely across the full range of the Welsh public.

A consultation phase

The Investment Review 2020 starts with a consultation phase – we want your feedback on the process and documentation that we’ll be using to carry out the review.

Please take some time to read the documentation below and provide us with feedback so that we can make the process as positive and productive as possible. You can submit your feedback by using our online form.

Please only complete this online form. Do not complete any of the other documentation as the application process will not be finalised until the responses to the consultation process have been gathered and published.

Please let us know if you have difficulties completing the online form, as this is our main method of collecting the information (please contact us if you require another method).

The closing date for consultation submissions is 10 January 2020.

What happens next?

The dates for the different phases of the Investment Review process are included in the documents below. However, they’re obviously subject to change, depending on the responses to the consultation. 

If you have any questions regarding the Investment Review 2020 process please include them within your consultation responses as we won’t be able to include comments made outside of this process.

If you have any technical questions about this first consultation phase, then email us at investmentreview@arts.wales

Please review all the documents in the Investment Review 2020 folder. In the second folder you'll find our Combined Impact Assessments to accompany the Planning Guidance and the Appeals Process. Please do not review these as part of the consultation.