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Strategic documents01.01.2018

Environmental Policy

Artist resource16.04.2019

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (individuals applying for grants)


Equal Opportunities Montitoring (individuals applying for jobs)


Equal Opportunities Montitoring Individuals

Strategic documents01.05.2015

Equal Spaces

Strategic documents01.05.2015

Equality Guide

Strategic documents30.05.2019

Equality Impact Assessment Operational Plan 2019-20


Ethical Procurement Policy

Funding help documents16.03.2020

Experiencing the Arts Fund – Go and See - Feb 2020

Funding help documents16.04.2019

Experiencing the Arts: Creative Collaborations, Budget Guidelines

Artist resource14.02.2019

Feasability studies project budget

Artist resource01.03.2017

Feasibility study help notes

Artist resource14.02.2019

Festival funding three year development plan template

Funding help documents01.09.2015

Festivals completion report help notes

Funding help documents01.02.2018

Festivals for Organisations Resources

Funding help documents01.02.2018

Festivals for organisations strand document 2018