As part of the Arts Council of Wales team, we have specialist officers who provide knowledge and expertise in the arts. But the arts never stand still, and we recognise that to supplement our knowledge and inform our thinking, we need to work with people with experience, challenging imaginations and perspectives.

Often this will come from a variety of artists lending their experience and expertise, or from people involved in communities or areas of work where the arts are developing their role. Critically, in order for us to deliver the ambitions within our Corporate Plan ‘For the Benefit of All’ to be realised we need our Associates to be diverse and activist in outlook.

We have appointed with 47 Arts Associates from across Wales and beyond, from a range of backgrounds and specialisms who will assist us in the following 3 areas of work:

Grant Assessment

This area of work will support the implementation of our new approaches to grant decision making following our National Lottery consultation. We are looking forward to the new insights and expert views our Associates will be able to bring to our established assessment panels.

Sector Development  

The continual, on-going development of each of the following sectors:

  •     Community Arts
  •     Creative Pathways
  •     Theatre & Venues
  •     Music
  •     Dance
  •     Visual and Applied Arts
  •     Widening Engagement

Investment Review 2020

This is a major piece of strategic work which will focus on our Arts Portfolio Wales. We are currently developing the Terms of Reference and the Associates will be part of this process – from beginning to end.


Our Arts Associates and their respective areas of expertise are:

Sarah Argent

Creative Pathways, Theatre and Venues, Widening Engagement, Community Arts

Manon Awst

Visual and Applied Arts, International

Alun Bond

Theatre and Venues, Dance and Visual Arts

Alex Bowen

Community Arts & Widening Engagement

Gemma Connell      

Dance, Widening Engagement, Creative Pathways

Steffan Donnelly

Theatre, Dance, International

Laura Drane

Creative Pathways, Dance, Theatre and Venues, Music

Mandy Fowler

Visual and Applied Arts, Widening Engagement

Rabab Ghazoul

Widening Engagement, Visual Arts, Community Arts

Louise Hobson

Visual and Applied Arts, International

Martin Hoyland

International, Music

Rhian Hutchings

Community Arts, Widening Engagement, Music, Creative Pathways

Jafar Iqbal     


Ceri Jones    

Visual and Applied Arts

Paul Jones

Creative Pathways, Community Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre and Venues

Sarah Jones

Community Arts, Widening Engagement, Creative Pathways, Theatres and Venues

Angharad Lee

Theatre and venues, International, Music

Deborah Light

Dance and Creative Pathways

Fadhili Maghiya

Film, Widening Engagement

Nicole May

Theatre, International

David Micklem

Widening Engagement

Umulkhayr Mohamed

Widening Engagement

Guy O'Donnell

Widening Engagement

Kaite O' Reilly

Theatre, Venues, Widening Engagement, Community Arts, Creative Pathways Dance and Music

Sarah Pace

Visual Arts, International

Bethan Page  

Visual and Applied Arts, Widening Engagement, Creative Pathways and Community Arts

Heather Parnell

Visual Arts, Widening Engagement, Arts and Health

Catherine Paskell     

Theatre and Venues

Rachel Pedley

Dance, Theatre and Venues, Widening engagement

Richard Powell

Visual & Applied Arts

Chris Ricketts

Dance and Creative Pathways

Elen Roberts  


Elen Ap Robert

Music, Theatre and Venues, Widening Engagement

Heike Roms  

Visual and Applied Arts

John Rostron


Becci Scotcher

International, Music

Graham Sheffield      


Cath Sherrell

Widening Engagement, Visual and Applied Arts, Community Arts

Geinor Styles

Theatres and Venues

Bill Taylor-Beales     

Creative Pathways, Visual and Applied Arts, Widening Engagement, Community Arts

Jeremy Turner

Theatres and Venues, Community Arts, Creative Pathways, International

Richie Turner

Widening Engagement, Community Arts

Clare Williams

Theatre and Venues, Community Arts, Widening Engagement

Iwan Williams

International, Dance

Angharad Wynne

Music, Creative Pathways, Theatre and Venues and Visual & Applied Arts

Shelley Zhu