Theatr Iolo are seeking Wales based artists of Indian heritage for a new collaborative project with Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival.

Funded by the British Council, the project will bring artists of Indian heritage in Wales together with artists based in Hyderabad, in a collaboration that seeks to explore the creation of new work for young audiences.  

Theatr Iolo wishes to meet with practitioners from the Indian diaspora community in Wales who are working in the Performing Arts at any stage in their career. We are interested in hearing from writers, designers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, directors and devisers to discuss a potential collaboration with our respective artists based in Hyderabad.  

Due to COVID-19, these initial conversations will take place virtually. Once artists have been chosen to take part in the project, the artists (along with Theatr Iolo’s Artistic Director) will meet virtually to begin collaborating. Theatr Iolo’s hope is that artists from India and Wales will still be able to meet together in the same space at some point in the future.  The long term goal is to secure funding to produce a show that is suitable to tour to both countries.  

Theatr Iolo wants to meet with artists from a wide array of disciplines, so please get in touch if you are interested in being part of this project.  Prior experience of creating theatre for children is not essential, however a desire and interest in making work for this audience is. 

If you are an artist of Indian Heritage who is based in Wales and would like to talk to us about the project please email 

Closing date: 10/08/2020